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As York and Lancaster County's largest residential contractor with a tree service division, you can trust all the projects we've done in our over 49 years of experience. To have that stump removed from your front yard or to assist with a downed tree, following a lightning strike, call us.

 •  Tree and stump removal

 •  Stump grinding and debris removal

 •  Natural pruning

 •  Removal of large and dangerous trees

 •  Tree shearing

 •  Land clearing

 •  Excavation and tub grinding

 •  Storm damage repairs

 •  Concrete repair resulting from damage caused by tree roots

We offer a variety of tree services:

At C.  J. Doudrick General Contractor, we offer you 24 hour emergency service; so, we're there when you need us! Don't let a tree branch continue to damage your roof, and don't let a downed tree affect your home's value. We can fix the situation!

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"We're very happy with their tree work."

- Susan A.

Lancaster, PA